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Universal enzymatic improver for bread, with a blend of latest generation enzymes.

Dosage: 1% on flour weight
More stable dough
More volume

An enzymatic improver for a genuin and clean label bread

Elite is the new universal enzymatic improver, perfect for the preparation of all types of bread and bread substitutes. Its recipe comes from the creative and innovative use of a blend of enzymes of the latest generation. Elite has been formulated to improve the performance of the dough: in fact, the dough will be more workable, more stable during leavening and easy to shape. Baked goods will have an excellent volume, a homogeneous alveolation and a uniform crust

Elite is a versatile clean label improver and it can be used with all types of flour. It is also suitable for any process: direct method, delayed fermentation, long fermentation or freezing. It can be used also with frozen technology, both parbaked frozen and raw frozen doughs.

  • Natural and clean label improver for bread

  • Suitable for all processes. Ideal also for parbaked frozen and raw frozen dough.

  • Recommended for all types of bread and bread substitutes.