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Complete mix for protein bread with 30% of protein.

100% dosage
Inviting taste
With oilseeds
Dark color

The professional semi-finished mix for protein bread

Protein 30® is the complete mix for protein bread: 100 g of bread contain 30 g of protein. It is a balanced mix of ingredients important for our well-being, including: oat flakes flour, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat bran and low-sodium salt. The bread produced with this complete mix for bakery will be tasty and genuine, but also high in protein and high in fiber. This protein bread is ideal for those who practice sports and choose a balanced diet and do not want to give up the taste of good bread.

  • Complete and clean label mix

  • Recommended for rich in seeds and tasty protein bread

  • High protein and high fiber