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Dried wheat sourdough with wheat germ for bakery professionals.

Variable dosage
Enhances taste and aroma
More workable dough
For bread, pizza and focaccia

A clean label dried sourdough for professionals

Obtained from top quality wheat germ, our Sourdough with Wheat Germ gives the dough aromas and flavors typical of fresh sourdough. Baked goods will have a pleasant nutty fragrance and an intense aroma. This dried sourdough improves the workability of the dough, making it softer. Thanks to the brewer’s yeast which acts as a starter, our Sourdough with Wheat Germ allows the dough to rise in a few hours.

  • Natural and clean label sourdough.

  • Dosage: available with 10% dosage and in the concentrated version with 4% dosage

  • It is ideal for the preparation of all types of bread, pizza and focaccia.

  • Discover our professional recipe for making fragrant loaves with our Active Sourdough: go to the recipe >