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A malty complete mix for a rustic italian focaccia bread.

100% dosage
Warm color
Crunchy crust
Malted aroma

The baking mix for a rustic and crispy bread

Breaty is the bread mix specially formulated to make rustic Ciabatta bread with warm color tonesintense aromas and a malty scent. It is enriched by fine notes of cocoa too. Its name and characteristics remember the typically British atmospheres of the malted English beers. With this bakery mix, bread will have a crunchy crust and a soft and well alveolated crumb. It contains a rich mix of seed and flakes: sunflower seeds, malted wheat flakes and sesame seeds, combined with durum wheat sourdough.

  • Complete clean label mix for bakery.

  • Recommended for rustic and malty Italian Ciabatta bread.