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Complete mix for focaccia romana with type 1 flour and durum wheat sourdough.

100% dosage
With type 1 Italian flour
Intense taste
Alveoleted crumb

The professional mix for a perfect Roman focaccia

Roma is our complete mix for the Roman focaccia bread, a very popular specialty of Italian cuisine. Made from 100% Italian wheat flour Type 1, it enriches the Roman focaccia bread with pleasant notes of taste and color. Characterized by a higher fiber content than the traditional one, the focaccia bread prepared with Roma mix will have a crunchy crust and a wide alveolation. Fragrant and perfumed, thanks to durum wheat sourdough, it will amaze you with its full and enveloping aroma. Thanks to the slow rising, it leaves a delicate sensation of lightness.

  • Natural and clean label mix for bakery.

  • Recommended for the popular italian street food: the Roman Focaccia bread