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Natural anti-oxidant improver for bread and rich in fat baked goods.

Dosage: 1% on flour weight
More shelf life
Prevents rancidity
Organic version available

Increase the shelf-life of your product with this natural improver

Oxy-Zero NCC is the natural bread improver specifically formulated to prevent rancidity of products with a high lipid content or with seeds. Thanks to the presence of natural and antioxidantsn plants extracts, this bread improver is actually a natural antioxidant. Oxy-Zero NCC helps to increase the shelf-life by keeping the product fresher for longer. Ideal for crackers, breadsticks, rusks, Oxy-Zero NCC is also perfect for the industries specialized in high lipid regional products such as the Italian taralli and friselle.

  • Natural and Clean Label bread improver

  • Ideal for rich in fat baked goods such as crackers, breadsticks, rusks, ecc.