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A blend of live lactic ferments and yeasts for making bread, pizza and many other extraordinary baked products.

Great meltability
Intense flavors and aromas
Improved chewability
More freshness, for longer
Clean Label

Unique baked goods, thanks to live lactic ferments. Discover Pater® - Life Inside.

Pater ® – Life Inside is a blend containing the Live Lactic Ferments and Yeasts typical of the original Sourdough microflora. This unique and innovative formulation makes it possible for the first time to enclose all the characteristics and functionality of Sourdough in a dehydrated blend.

Pater® – Life Inside is ideal for loaves, crisp breads, pizzas, focaccias, Focaccia Romana, crackers, breadsticks, rusks, and more. Pater® is not just a formulation or a production process; it is also the name of the finished products that the master baker can obtain, for example: Pater® Bread, Pater® Pizza, Pater® Focaccia, or Pane di Sanfrancisco® Bread…