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A unique blend with live lactic ferments and enzymes, for large leavened cakes and croissants.

Great meltability
Intense flavors and aromas
Improved chewability
More freshness, for longer
Clean Label

Unique large leavened cakes and croissants, thanks to live lactic ferments. Discover Pater® Pasticceria.

Pater® Pasticceria is a blend that contains Live Lactic Ferments and typical Yeasts from the original microflora of Sourdough. It’s a unique and innovative formulation that allows, for the first time, to enclose all the characteristics and functionalities of Sourdough into a dehydrated blend.

Pater® Pasicceria is ideal for the production of special occasion large leavened cakes such as Panettone, Pandoro, Colomba Pasquale, and Veneziana, as well as for croissants.