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Universal improver to improve the performance of all kinds of pastry products.

Dosage: 1-2% on flour weight
More volume
Homogeneous alveolation

The universal improver for clean label bakery products with a high fat and sugar content

SweetEnzymes is the universal natural improver for bakery products with a high fat and sugar content. It brings stability to the dough in every phase of the process and guarantees an excellent growth, through the “Oven Spring” effect. Its enzymatic blend ensures excellent and clean label results. SweetEnzymes improves the internal hole structure and increases softness. Its special enzymes retain more water molecules, increasing the freshness of the finished product.

  • Natural and clean label improver for bakery products

  • Universal improver: for products with a high fat and sugar content

  • Perfect with both natural yeasts and baking.