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Complete clean label mix for large leavened cakes such as Panettone.

100% dosage
Very soft
More shelf life

For artisan Panettone without chemical emulsifiers

Volare® is the new complete pastry mix dedicated to large leavened traditional Italian cakes, such as Pandoro, Panettone and Easter Colomba Cake. It does not contain chemical emulsifiers and it allows the realization of clean label leavened cakes. The secret is contained in its innovative enzymatic formulation that naturally ensures freshness over time and extreme softness for your artisanal product. With this semi-finished product, the dough will be more stable and easy to work. Leavened cakes will be characterized by an excellent volume and a wide alveolation.

Volare® is easy to use because it is characterized by two complete and ready to use mixesMix Madre, to be used in the first dough, and Mix Padre, to be used in the second dough. The artisan baker only needs to weigh yeast, water, sugar, eggs and butter. 

  • Natural and chemical emulsifiers free mix.

  • It does not contain flavours and allows the customization of the Panettone with flavours, aromas and inclusions.

  • Ideal for Panettone, Pandoro, Colomba cake, Veneziana focaccia cake and soft doughnuts cake.

  • For professional pastry recipes, such as this Easter Colomba cake without emulsifiers: go to the recipe >