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Complete mix for the production of clean label croissants, both fresh and frozen.

100% dosage
More stable dough
More volume
Excellent alveolation

The professional mix for clean label croissant

Mix Croissant Burro is the complete mix that simplifies the production of artisanal croissants. It already contains butter, sugar and eggs: it is only necessary to add water and yeast. It guarantees an excellent and easily standardized result. Thanks to its special blend of enzymes, the dough will be more stable and will get a particular volume in the oven. Croissants will be well alveolated and fragrant. It also suitable for the production of frozen croissants and it does not contains chemical emulsifiers, giving the finished product a 100% clean label.

  • Complete and clean label mix

  • Ideal for the production of croissants, both fresh and frozen