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Enzymatic improver for the machanized cutting of warm bread.

Dosage: 1% on flour weight
Uniform crust
Bread temperature up to 50° C

An enzymatic and clean label improver

Easycut is the natural improver specifically formulated to guarantee the perfect cut of bread at temperatures up to 50° C, keeping its original shape intact. In particular, it allows to keep a crumb with a uniform texture and a crust with a homogeneous structure. This improver is the result of a careful selection of enzymes and is particularly suitable for the mechanical cutting of bakery products. Easycut is also recommended for the finished product brought to room temperature. By ensuring a clean cut at all times, it also avoids waste.

  • Natural and clean label bread improver

  • Recommended for machanized cutting of bakery products that need to be cut at temperatures up to 50°C