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Dried wheat sourdough for large leavened cakes such as Panettone and Colomba cake.

Dosage: 150 g Madre 150 + 850 g flour
Very soft
More shelf life
More volume

A dried sourdough specifically formulated for leavened cakes

Madre 150 Lievitati (“Madre 150 leavened cakes”) is a dried sourdough studied for Panettone, Pandoro, Easter Colomba cake and other leavened cakes. It is the ideal alternative for those who follow the classic artisan recipes: Madre 150 Lievitati replaces the sourdough, which no longer needs to be stored and periodically refreshed.

Thanks to a special blend of selected enzymes and their natural activity, this dried sourdough makes the dough more stable and workable. Its innovative formulation naturally makes the finished product very softness and light, for a long time. Leavened cakes will be characterized by a delicate flavor, a wide alveolation of the crumb and an excellent volume.

  • Natural and clean label sourdough.

  • Dosage: 150 g of Madre 150 Lievitati (to be added on the first dough) + 850 g of strong flour

  • Recommended for leavened cakes such as Panettone, Pandoro, Easter Colomba cake