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Enzymatic mix to improve the performance of the dough and the quality of pizza bases

Dosage: 2% on flour weight
More extensible dough
More workable dough
Crunchy crust

Enzyme improver for all types of pizza bases

PizzaEnzymes is the natural improver born from a perfect balance of the best enzymes. It gives stability to the dough and makes it easily workable. In the oven, the pizza base will have extraordinary volume and be characterized by homogeneous alveolation. With this enzymatic improver, the crust will be always crispy and golden colored, as in the best Italian tradition.

  • Clean label improver for master pizza makers

  • Recommended for all types of pizza bases

  • Advantages in dough: more extensibility, more workability, better leavening

  • Advantages in pizza bases: crispier, golden-coloured, more volume