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Enzymatic improver to increase softness and shelf life of large leavened cakes.

Dosage: 2% on flour weight
Very soft
More shelf life
Enhances taste

A natural pastry improver without chemical emulsifiers

Panett-1 Plus 2% is the enzymatic improver specifically formulated for large leavened and recurring cakes such as Panettone, Pandoro, Easter Colomba and Stollen (Christstollen). This improver gives an irresistible softness to the finished product and it significantly increases the shelf-life, avoiding the use of chemical and unhealthy emulsifiers. Panett-1 Plus 2% also improves the chewability of the cakes, which will taste particularly pleasant and delicious. This enzyme-based improver also gives an excellent resilience to the cakes: they will quickly recover the original shape, after being pressed.

  • Natural and clean label pastry improver

  • It allows to remove chemical emulsifiers from your leavened cakes recipe.

  • Ideal for large leavened and recurring cakes such as Panettone, Pandoro, Easter Colomba and Stollen (Christstollen)